finish-2b.jpg finish-4.jpg

No 2B Finish

This is the most common finish. It is semi-reflective. It is commonly used for most food processing applications. It is easily polished to the final finished required.

No. 4 Finish (Brushed)

This is a unidirectional finish obtained with a straightline sanding belt. It is not highly reflective and is the most common finish for kitchen appliances.

a-rectangle-1.gif finish-da.jpg

No. 8 Finish

Sorry there is no picture of this finish. I did take a picture but I did not think that my ugly face holding a camera was usable to portray this finish. This is a finish obtained by using successively finer sanding belts and then with lots of polish. Very expensive and what is most commonly used in store fixtures.

DA - Orbital Sand

This is a finish obtained by using an orbital sander. It gives the material more of an artistic look. It is not uniform. 

Commonly used for countertops as it is very easy to hide large weld seams, does not show fingerprints as easily as the other finishes and is very easy to repair.