How to Measure and Install Your Kickplate

General Information

  1. We have made measuring and installing your new kickplate easy. Besides protecting your door, kickplates add a decorative element to your entrance way. So take a moment to consider these things:
  2. A standard exterior door is 36in wide. We recommend leaving a border, or reveal, around your kickplate. Our standard kickplate is 34in wide and is the perfect fit for a standard door. But many newer homes are being built to accommodate wheelchairs and other mobility devices, so be sure to measure your door carefully.
  3. Never order a kickplate to fit the exact width of your door. If you install a kickplate across the entire width of your door, it won’t close properly.
  4. The height and placement of your kickplate depends on personal preference. We offer a standard kickplate height of 6in or 8in. There are so many different styles of doors. They come with different panel configurations and some have glass inserts. Step back and take a good look at your door.  How much of the bottom of your door to you want to protect? Do you actually have enough room to install a kickplate from the bottom of the door to the bottom of the first door panel?
  5. We offer kickplates in a variety of finishes to coordinate with your existing hardware. Mix or match, it’s your choice.


How To Measure For A Kickplate                    

Take the following measurement:                  

Width of the door is ____________inches

Height of the bottom part of the of the door or the bottom panel is ________ inches


Order the following size:

Order kickplate width (recommended size: measured width less 2in)  _______inches

Order kickplate  height (recommended size: measured height less 2in)  _______inches


How To Install Your New Kickplate:

  1. Whenever possible, remove the door and place it across some saw horses, or on your workbench or even on the floor. You can attach your new kickplate to your door while it is still in place, but it’s easier on your back and knees if you can remove the door and place it at a more convenient height while working on it.
  2. Your new kickplate comes in protective packaging. There will be some kind of rigid material to keep the kickplate from flexing in transit. It will also come with an adhesive film applied to the surface. Peel back one corner of the film to confirm that you have received the color and finish you ordered.
  3. Your order will come with matching screws to attach the kickplate to your door.  Set these aside while you determine the placement of your new kickplate.
  4. Take note of the area you measured for the kickplate. For example:If the width of your door is 36” and you ordered a 34” kickplate, then measure in 1” from each side of the door and make a small pencil mark.    If the height of your space is 8” and you ordered a 6” kickplate, measure up from the bottom 1” and make a small mark.
  5. Before you take off the protective film, line up your new kickplate on the bottom mark and within the side marks.  It should be centered in the area at the bottom of your door.
  6. Once you are satisfied that the kickplate is positioned properly, attach the kickplate at each corner with a screw. This will stabilize the kickplate while you install the rest of the screws.
  7. Remove the protective film.
  8. If you have purchased a kickplate for the inside of the door, you can turn the door over and repeat the same process.
  9. Reinstall your door. Your new kickplate will protect your door from wear and tear for many years to come.