What Kick Plate Finish is Right for Your Company

16th Dec 2022

Kick plates are small details that can go a long way in extending the life of your door. However, many don’t realize they have options when it comes to finding a kick plate that works alongside their needs or design details. From the super-shiny to the sanded, finishes can transform a kick plate while complementing the design of the building or office.

Types of Kick Plate Finishes

Orbital Sand kick plate finish

Companies expecting a lot of wear and tear on their kick plates should consider an orbital sand finish. The sander used creates a unique pattern. Because of its grainy look, it doesn’t show fingerprints easily and it can be quickly repaired. It’s great for businesses that want to invest in sturdy kick plates that they know will be used often.

No. 2B Finish

No. 2B is one of the most common stainless steel finishes. This finish results in a kickplate that’s easily polished and semi-reflective. The No. 2B finish is a mill finish, which is smooth rather than brushed. Mill finishes are unpolished, and the finish describes what the product looks like from the mill. It has a slight luster from the rolling but no reflectivity. If your company wants an easy-to-clean finish where the appearance of the finish isn’t a priority, consider a No. 2B finish!

No. 4 Finish

The No. 4 finish is a popular choice for kick plates. This is a unidirectional finish obtained with a straight-line sanding belt. It’s not highly reflective. If you have a stainless steel fridge, you likely know what a No. 4 finish looks like, as it’s the most common finish for kitchen appliances. The No. 4 finish would fit in well with kitchens or other areas that have the finish on existing appliances.

No. 8 Finish

If your business is looking for a reflective kick plate, a No. 8 finish is perfect. These mirror-like finishes are great for companies that utilize reflective surfaces throughout their interior designs. No. 8 finishes are obtained by using fine sanding belts and polishing to perfection. Anyone considering a No. 8 finish should be comfortable regularly polishing the kick plate to maintain its appearance.

At The Kick Plate Store, we know details matter, including finishes. We’re able to walk customers through finding the right kick plates for their businesses or offices. We offer affordable, high-quality door protection that keeps your space looking nice despite constant punishment from foot traffic or equipment. With 8,000+ products available, we can help you find what you’re looking for