Understanding Kick Plates: What are They and Why Do Businesses Need Them

19th Dec 2022

If you’re reading this blog, you’ve likely been tasked with finding quality kick plates for your business but don’t know where to start. We’re here to help! Kick plates are our specialty (hence the name). We wanted to put together this helpful primer for anyone who doesn’t know where to start when shopping for kick plates.

What is a kick plate?

Kick plates are metal or plastic plates that are fitted to a door to add protection. Kick plates prevent damage over time to your door. They also allow you or your customers to open the door using your feet (the “kick” in “kick plate”) without scuffing the actual door itself.

Kick plates are exceptionally useful for places where people come through doors with their hands full. Restaurants, childcare centers, and even homes are using kick plates as a way to make their lives easier. Pet owners and pet daycares also use kick plates to reduce damage from animals scratching at the doors.

Homeowners are one of the most prominent groups finding benefits by adding kick plates. Adding a kick plate to a front door means residents won't have to worry about damage caused as they bring in groceries, strollers, or moving boxes. It can be a real pain to open the door with your hands full, and a kick plate gives you a more efficient alternative while ensuring that your door still looks new.

Which is the best kick plate for me?

At the Kick Plate Store, we have a kick plate for any location’s needs. When choosing which kick plate is the best choice for you, think about which part of the door you need to protect.

The range of plates includes; mop plates, kick plates, stretcher plates, armor plates, and push plates. Each different type of plate fits onto your door differently and protects a different area.

If you are considering purchasing a kick plate to protect your door, it is essential to think about which section of the door you are looking to install. This is because, depending on your requirements, the type of plate you need will vary. It is also worth considering the level of protection and style you are looking for, as kick plates are available in a range of materials.

Contact us for custom-size kick plates or call us at 800-517-1056 and speak with our knowledgeable staff. We can fabricate any size kick plate; drilled kick plates, pre-taped kick plates and, countersunk drilled kick plates. We can also provide an approval drawing showing the dimensions on custom fabrications.