Magnetic Kick Plates

Mop Plates, Kick Plates and Armor Plates
for Metal Doors

Industrial strength magnetic tape is an option on our Aluminum Kick Plates, Brass Kick Plates, Diamond Plate Kick Plates and  Stainless Steel Kick Plates.

Go to your product of choice and click on the "Option" dropdown box. There are 3 options with magnetic tape: 1. Magnetic 2. Magnetic with the top and sides beveled. 3 Magnetic with all 4 sides beveled.  

magnetic option tutorial


Quick Links to our kick plates with a Magnetic Option


Note: We strive to take the confusion out of construction hardware terminology.

The ONLY difference between Mop Plates, Kick Plates, and Armor Plates is the HEIGHT.

  • Mop Plates - 4in to 8in
  • Kick Plates - 10in to 16in
  • Armor Plates - 18in to 48in

Don't forget we have a standard quantity discount of 10% for quantities of 20 or more. Please contact us for quantities above 50.